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About me

Ruben Smit is a passionate ecologist and photographer. In 2002 he became a doctor in Ecology at the university of Wageningen (the Netherlands). He has been an experienced teacher in Ecology and Nature Conservation at the University for 6 years. In 2003 he launched his own company; ‘OutdoorVision’.









As a photographer he is specialized in outdoor photography. His landscape and wildlife photo’s are used in many journals and magazines like National Geographic, Outdoor Photography, NaturFoto, Grasduinen, Op Pad etc. He has won important awards in major photo competitions. In 2002 he became European Nature Photographer of the year in the category ‘Man & Nature’. In 2005 he achieved the first prize in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year in the category ‘Animal behaviour’.

He uses his ecological knowledge and artistic skills to do ecological research, produce books, audio visual projects, write columns and articles to show his vision on the outdoor world.

Since 2008 he is a wildlife filmer and presents the tv show 'BuitenGewoon', a succesful nature program on Dutch television.