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Land of Clouds

Ruben Smit | 8-08-2010

During a three week stay in the Vosges, France, I had some time to relax (family time!) and shoot stills and video of the impressive landscape. I was amazed by the 'rain forest like' scenery which realy reminds me of the period I stayed in British Columbia and in New Zealand.

Hereby I present the short movie 'Land of Clouds' shot entirely on the Eos 7D (full HD, WB to cloudy) with Sigma lenses (50-500 mm OS and the Sigma 10-20 mm f3.5).

(link to the movie: http://exposureroom.com/members/rubensmit/f7152f6047f6489bb08166f2c408298b/)

The stillwas taken on the Eos 7D (in between filming) on RAW, with the 50-500 mm OS Sigma (realy a good lens and as good as the 100-400 mm IS Canon, maybe better!), 285 mm, f7.1, iso 800, 1/250 sec, tripod.

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